How One Woman Is Successfully Treating Her Epilepsy With Cannabis

When Cecelia Sivertson got diagnosed with epilepsy when she was 12, her parents followed their doctor’s advice that she begin a regime of prescription medications. Over the years, she estimates she was given around 15 different drugs. For decades, she took these medications with no side effects.

Then in 2013, Sivertson began to develop tremors and found herself feeling nauseous every day. After someone came into her office and recommended she use cannabis, she started Nana’s Secret Medibles. “I knew I couldn’t be able to afford to to buy medical marijuana if I didn’t have a business.”

Initially, she founded Nana’s Secret Medibles to make cannabis infused brownies, caramel suckers, and brownies. She switched to making soda once she realized that soda gets absorbed faster into the body. “When I started feeling sick, I needed immediate relief. After drinking one soda, I could feel relief within ten minutes.” Compare this to

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