Ward Off Cold Season With Pineapple Cannabis Cough Syrup

Working when you’re sick is terrible, and since sick leave in America is far from universal, similar to legal cannabis access, many service workers share remedies that you can make from the stuff on hand at work in the bar scene. This ‘cough syrup’ was my go-to when the exhaustion and general malaise of a cold wasn’t enough to stay home, but working was still rough to work an all-nighter.

No one should have to work while sick, but many of us do, and measured pours of this sweet, spicy juice help keep sore throats and post nasal drip at bay, one hour at a time. When things are really rotten and you’re stuck at home, an hourly gargle with salt water or diluted vinegar followed by an ounce of this throat coating specialty help soothe your symptoms.