10 Ways the Cannabis Industry Is Rebranding to Meet Its Biggest Challenges

Cannabis is evolving past the stoner age at a rapid pace, but are new marketing plans, products and events paving the way for this evolution, or is cannabis further away from being the next big thing than we think? Marijuana Business Daily quotes University of Northern Arizona sociologist, James Bowie, as saying, “The marijuana industry needs a branding makeover – big time.” He refers to the marijuana leaf appearing in 44 percent of the logos presented for state approval.

The question is, is cannabis brand transformation an evolution in the industry, or de-evolution? The problem is perception. Has legalization made cannabis more mainstream, or is it something quiet and underground and kept away from normal Americans? Regardless of how you feel about the industry, cannabis is rebranding, and has the potential to become everything you think it’s not.

How this rebranding can happen in a climate concerned about

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