Taking a look at new edibles guidelines set to take effect

The people who make and sell marijuana products, like edibles, will have new rules to follow very soon. And it’s all to make things easier on your eyes before you pop a brownie or cookie into your mouth.

Labeling will be larger and bolder.

Running a business that produces marijuana edibles and concentrates is something Peggy Moore, C.E.O. of Love’s Oven has been doing since 2009.

The edibles are cooked in the large bakery at the business. After the edible is made it’s put into child-proof packaging, which is a state law. At Love’s Oven employees take safety to a higher level than they have to.

“Each marked edible we also put into little bag like this and this is not something required by the state but it’s something we do just in case the edible got out of

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