Drug unit busts illegal cannabis edibles operation

MACOMB — An accused confectioner of illicit treats was arrested Thursday following a multi-week investigation by the Macomb/McDonough County Drug Unit.
In a statement from Macomb Police Chief Curt Barker, agents with the drug unit conducted a search warrant at 408 W. Adams St. in Macomb. Officers had learned that large amounts of cannabis-infused brownies, cupcakes, funnel cakes and crispy rice treats were being sold from that residence.
During the search, officers found cannabis edibles, THC oils and evidence of manufacturing such products from the residence. Christianne Spivey, 23, of Macomb was arrested at another location, but is a resident of the address searched by police. Barker said a total of 634 grams of cannabis was recovered from the residence and Spivey’s vehicle. The conversion of 634 grams to pounds is about 1.4 pounds.
She was charged with manufacture/delivery of 500-2,000 grams of cannabis and

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