Baked to Perfection: Take a Trip on Mrs. Tasty’s Stony Spaceship with These Tofu Tacos

Photos by Ryan Hill of Studio 8183 in KC, styling by Casey Dobbins

Meet Mrs. Tasty, one of the many monikers Casey Dobbins takes on when she isn’t prepping delicious eats at Echo Park’s Elf Cafe or food styling. As Mrs. Tasty, Dobbins hosts an ongoing cosmic video series aimed at demystifying vegetarian cooking — usually while also rather baked herself. Honestly, it’s a stoner’s dream — combining spacy elements with a non-pretentious introduction to easy, meat-free cooking. What’s not to love?

MERRY JANE caught up with Dobbins to talk about Elf’s legacy, the secret to perfectly-fried tofu, and how psyched she is that recreational legalization finally passed in California.

Deep Fried Tofu Tacos with Marinated Cabbage Slaw with Silly Sauce

Fried Tofu Ingredients
6 tortillas
4 cups peanut oil in 4-qt. high heat pan
1 lb. firm tofu (organic/non-GMO — don’t kid yourself)
½ cup fine grain cornmeal
½ cup

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