Action Bronson released a cookbook, played The Meadows …

Shortly into his 4pm set, Action Bronson pointed to Citi Field and said the he once worked in the stadium as a cook. “Due to some unfortunate circumstances, I was fired,” he said. The Queens native made a triumphant return to the borough on Sunday with a set that reminded everyone why he has become one of the biggest names in hip-hop. The amount of cannabis that Bronson consumed during his hour on stage was not a surprise to anyone who’s familiar with his love of the stuff, but it was perhaps the most impressive aspect of the show. The dude took several smoke breaks during the set, encouraging the audience to join him in the process. – [Time Out]

Action Bronson played Queens festival The Meadows on Sunday (9/17) where he plugged both his new album, Blue Chips 7000,

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