These Lollipops Can Be Used to Grow Marijuana

When it comes to edibles, most people think about brownies or cookies. But it turns out there’s an edible that people should be enjoying a lot more, and it will even allow them to make more edibles in the future.

Half Lit is a company that specializes in making cannabis-infused candy. The company sells a line of lollipops that each contain 25 mg of THC. While that doesn’t seem particularly revolutionary since there are other businesses that sell cannabis-infused candy, Half Lit has added a wrinkle to their products: you can grow marijuana with them.

The sticks of the lollipops made by Half Lit contain marijuana seeds. If consumers plant and water their sticks, they will eventually grow into a marijuana plant. According to the company, it takes 11 days for the plants to germinate, one to three months to vegetate, and two to three months to start flowering.

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