San Diego legalizes marijuana cultivation and manufacturing, despite some concerns

San Diego will have a fully legal and regulated marijuana industry, including pot farms, factories making edibles and retail storefronts selling the drug to both medical and recreational customers.

In a 6-3 vote Monday, the City Council agreed to legalize local cultivation, manufacturing and testing of marijuana when new state laws take effect in January.

The council also voted earlier this year to allow legally approved medical marijuana dispensaries to expand their sales to recreational customers. The city has approved 17 such businesses, and 11 have begun operating.

The approval came despite strong objections from police Chief Shelley Zimmerman, who warned of significant threats to public safety that she said couldn’t be outweighed by new tax revenue from the highly profitable industry.

La Mesa and Lemon Grove, where voters forced the hands of city leaders by approving ballot measures in November. And

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