Weed Cuisine

Warning: I’m from a generation that’s smoked pot (sorry, weed) for so many decades we created the modern necessity for teeth whitening. Marijuana-infused brownies were our first college course. Today, nothing makes you forget the hay you spit out from your fi rst dorm batch like a big, chartreuse block of cannabutter. It’s just one of the many culinary delights in the increasingly sophisticated world of edibles.

“Edible” is the code word for food made with marijuana. It’s also a perfectly accurate term for enchilada, which also is edible. Do not be fooled by a magazine called edible Sacramento. It is of the enchilada-is-edible genre and so far has never run a threehour recipe for basic cannabutter.

Cooking with cannabis isn’t easy. Your marinara sauce may be technically perfect, but there’s no mistaking it tastes like marijuana and has the lingering grit of a sidewalk. Certain steps were omitted, if only you’d

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