What Can Happen When a State Goes to Pot

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Can a good man be involved in the marijuana trade? In recent years, many states, including Colorado, have legalized marijuana for medical purposes without much fanfare or controversy. However, when the citizens of Colorado voted to legalize the sale of marijuana for recreational use beginning in 2014, a new industry was created that changed the economy, the culture, and the population of the state. Lots of good men were involved and they are happy that they took plunge and became an entrepreneur in this field.

Anticipating an outcry of opposition, the legislature enacted strict laws and regulations. 1) Sellers and growers are required to buy licenses. 2) Buyers have to be 21, and are allowed to possess only one ounce 3) Out of state visitors are limited to one-quarter ounce. 4) Possessing 12 or more ounces is a felony. So is giving

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