Black Women Impacting DC’s Legal Weed Industry

As Blacks are trying to pave a way for themselves in the medical cannabis industry, women of color are standing out as significant players in the budding business.

“The industry is inundated with White men who profit from the very business that turned Black men into police targets for decades,” Caroline Phillips, founder and steering committee chair of the National Cannabis Festival, told the AFRO. She and Chanda Macias are standouts in the predominantly White industry.

“It’s also the war on drugs, as we know, was not about drugs as much as it was about controlling people of color, which has been the internal U.S. war since its establishment by Europeans on foreign land, this land, which belongs to Indigenous people,” said Tattiana Aqeel, a manager at District Growers, a Black owned marijuana dispensary in Northeast D.C.

At 29, Aqeel has worked in the cannabis

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