Baked to Perfection: Try This Recipe for the Anti-Pot-Brownie Pot Brownie

Photos courtesy of Ashlae Warner

Ashlae Warner is aware her blogging moniker “ladycakes” can be a little misleading. A nickname from her husband, the Denver-based food wizard runs the gamut of vegan recipes in her blog, Oh, Ladycakes, with very few cakes along the way. And in Warner’s forthcoming venture, edibles company Alchemy Food Co., she doesn’t exact plan to up the twee factor; she simply aims to bring high caliber whole food edibles to the market, infusing each product with unrefined canna-coconut oil but skipping processed sugars. What you get is a tasty treat without any of the weird junk that makes your body sad, just those delightful THC vibes.

MERRY JANE got with Warner to talk about how the cannabis industry caters to vegans, traveling, and being too stoned at a big box store with her then-boyfriend’s mother. She also shares a welcome deviation from the classic stoner

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