6 Tips For Grilling With Cannabis This Labor Day And Beyond

Smoking weed in the sunshine is a pretty nice thing. So is doing pretty much anything with cannabis and sunshine. With a party full of partakers, you can really get creative in your recipes and experiments with access to a barbecue grill. Though sometimes grill temps can be a little high for cannabis cooking, there’s a few ways to get around this if you want to get creative.

Knowing what bare minimum we do about cannabinoids, heat control is everything. This is why sometimes we can marinate, other times you have to make a satchel, and still other times you want to apply the goods as a post-cooking sauce. Learn to categorize which foods so you can make the most out of a special BBQ.

Toss​ ​With​ ​THC​ ​Before​ ​Cooking

Burgers will grill relatively quickly, and the searing will create a seal that will keep some THC in if you add an infused

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