South Lake Tahoe likely to temporarily ban recreational cannabis sales

“Ideally this would fund SLEDNET [South Lake El Dorado Narcotic Enforcement Team] again,” said Sass. “Our opioid problem is a lot bigger than our cannabis problem.”

During the temporary ban period, a council subcommittee would meet with community stakeholders — both for and against recreational cannabis in the community — to build local guidelines off of the state’s regulations.

“Keep in mind that an effective ordinance takes two readings from City Council, Planning Commission approval and it may or may not take three levels of [Tahoe Regional Planning Agency] approval,” said assistant city attorney Nira Doherty. “So although 10 months seems like a long time, we want to get moving pretty much right away.”

Doherty, who also works as the assistant city attorney for St. Helena and Pacifica, advised that City Council regulate recreational retail sales, commercial grows and edible production through

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