Popular Edible Cannabis Bhang Bars Are Leaving Arizona for Now, but the Company Vows to Return

They can be found in most metro Phoenix dispensaries.

But not for long.

Harvest of Arizona is the state-authorized dispensary that makes and sells the bars, and distributes them to other Arizona dispensaries. The company has opted out of its license with Bhang, the California company that owns the recipe and provides the high-quality chocolate for the line of products.

The supply has already run out in several dispensaries. Once they’re all gone, that’s it for now.

Jamie Pearson, Bhang director of operations, said the company hopes to find a new licensee to distribute the products by the end of the year.

“That’s our goal,” Pearson said. “It takes a unique partner to get it right.”

Because of the federal prohibition on cannabis, Bhang doesn’t ship the medicated candy across state lines with cannabis already inside. The company makes chocolate under the supervision of

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