A Barbecue Chef Tackles Cannabis-Infused BBQ to Develop the Ultimate Recipe

Some Things to Know About Building Flavor With Cannabis

I spent two years doing culinary research and development, making natural and organic food products for retail stores and restaurants. It was basically designing a dish for 100,000 units instead of one single plate. The process was often lengthy as the search for the perfect profile was elusive, but it trained me to develop a blueprint for creating a good dish. I smoked beef jerky for Hillshire Farms and salmon for Costco for months at a time, tinkering with every ingredient to find the perfect doneness, texture, aroma, flavor, mouthfeel, and finish.

The first step is to strategize the flavor build. Adding cannabis to food can be tricky because the flavors tend to overly dominant. You are working with a pungent, musty, grassy, sometimes citrusy or floral flavor that strikes the back of the palate. The goal is to balance this out with

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