Baked to Perfection: Say Bye to Summer with This Stoned Pumpkin Pie Recipe

Photos by Tyler Bradberry

Does anyone heed that wearing white after Labor Day rule anymore? No matter, after this weekend’s parties, the hot mouth temperatures of summer will be on their way out (and calendar-official gone by September 22). Fast Ronald, the founder and co-owner of Orcannic, is embracing the seasonal shift, though. For example, he says we shouldn’t have to wait to enjoy spicy pumpkin flavors typically reserved for autumn.

His Los Angeles-based company supplies dispensaries and delivery services with the stoner answer to a sleepover classic calling: They sell cannabis-infused raw cookie dough, as well as other cookies and “cannabis confectionaries.” So it stands to reason the dude behind such a literally half-baked venture is not one for waiting.

So hang up your whites (they’re probably stained with resin, let’s be honest), try your hand at Ronald’s beloved pumpkin pie recipe, and let’s say it together: peace out summer, it’s

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