This Vegan Cannabis Cheese Is Everything If You Can’t Do Dairy

Vegan cheeses are usually tasty when they come from the shop. There’s delicious feats of food engineering like Daiya slices, spreadable happiness like Miyoko’s Kitchen, and no animal products involved, but some are just not so good. I have high hopes for the future of both vegan food and cannabis foods, and like my dream to one day purchase dairy cheese with cannabis in it, I’ve got my fingers crossed that innovation extends to vegan cheese analogues.

Until the day comes, making your own doesn’t have to be a scary process. There’s recipes that terrify and those that look too simple, but the gist of a good faux cheese is so similar to the process of dairy cheese creation that the entire idea of cheese starts to make much more sense. Scientifically, cheese is (pleasingly) rotten fat solids. Fat solids don’t only come from mammal milk. One if the first similar

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