Dave Hadley on Indian Food, Fine Dining and Cooking in Thailand

Dave Hadley: I’m going to Gaggan for three months. I’m going to get my butt kicked, and I’m excited for it. I need it.

And this is your first major trip abroad since you were a teenager, right?

Yes. I was watching Chef’s Table, and one day I thought, why are you so scared? Why don’t you go travel? That’s what’s going to make you good. That was the start of the story. Sometimes it takes a push for people to do what they love and bring it together. It took me a year to figure out what I needed. I’ve never been to Asia; I have yet to visit my homeland of India, and I’m doing that in January. Most Denver chefs don’t get this opportunity; the mindset here isn’t for that.

Why Gaggan? Why Thailand?

Gaggan Anand [Gaggan’s chef and owner] is the only Indian doing it. The end.

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