Make​ ​This​ ​Fad​ ​Dessert​ ​The​ ​Way​ ​It​ ​Deserves:​ ​With​ ​Cannabis

Stuffed to the brim with fad desserts, city dweller accounts can be FOMO inducing. Some valid some shit, this world is all about likes, shares, and having the most appealing boomerang you can muster, so you better keep your hands still! Most of us just like desserts for eating, and when they are visually appealing, maybe it makes them taste just that much better. Currently, rolled ice cream, also known as Thai Ice Cream is blowing up New York through and through and there is no escaping those posts on any social media platform.

Considering how it’s put together, rolled ice cream is prime for the weedhacking. The possibilities are endless because you can add the cannabis in almost any topping, sauce, or addition you were going to add to the ice cream anyway. You can make it in

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