What would a cannabis store look like in Boothbay Harbor?

This is the second article in a two-part series on what a cannabis retail shop might look like in Boothbay Harbor. The Boothbay Register spoke with five companies from across the U.S. about community and education concluding with what a storefront might look like. Part one focused on the business and safety aspects a company would need to consider.

The companies we talked to were MedMen from Los Angeles, California; Infinite Wellness Center (IWC8) in Fort Collins, Colorado; Highroad Studio, a principal and interior design company based in Phoenix, Arizona; Wellness Connection of Maine based in Portland; and Pharmer’s Market in Boothbay.

The consensus on community and education was that because there are common misconceptions on the substance and its legitimate market, people need to be better educated.

“Many people view the cannabis industry as very rudimentary, but, in fact, it’s much more sophisticated when it comes to the products we offer,” said

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