To Understand the Forces Favoring and Opposing Legal Marijuana, Study Arizona.

It’s not easy being green — in Arizona. Weed advocates walk a very thin line. A citizen’s referendum legalizing and decriminalizing adult-use marijuana failed in 2016, possible because of the massive financial contribution by a pharmaceutical company with a special interest and/or the presidential election. As a result, Arizona marijuana advocates inside and outside the legislature worry about making waves that would rock the boat of their passionate commitment to liberalizing the law.

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Special interests

Advocates for marijuana liberalization were outspent in the 2016 referendum by the opposition, thanks in large part to a $500,000 contribution by a manufacturer of opioids based in Chandler, Arizona. Those special interests will not go away.

Presidential interests

Arizona voted for President Trump. While there are conservative areas of retirees in the state, a county-by-county count showed weed favoritism lies around the major

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