When life hands you lemons, try this version of Limoncello | Cannabis recipe

I was introduced to Limoncello at a very young age. I downright demanded that my parents allow me to taste the lemon liqueur in my tender years. After just a thimble full, I was turned off of alcohol altogether for another eight or so years. I remember it vividly. It’s almost astringent citron taste, something that so many artificially flavored liquors try to nail, is perfume like.

Limoncello is the ubiquitous drinking spirit of anywhere south of Rome, where lemon groves grow wild and drape their dramatically fragranced leaves everywhere. The mind wanders to how ideal these conditions must be for cannabis cultivation, with Italy’s similarity to California climate.

Cannabis Limoncello

Makes 12 ounces; 5 mg THC per shot

Zest of 10 lemons

10 ounces unflavored high-proof vodka or Everclear


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