Old Dog, New Spliffs: Senior Citizens Get Schooled on Cannabis

“We all know about the munchies,” Dr. Joe Cohen told the crowd as they settled in at Balfour at Riverfront Park on August 18. “We are wired for this plant. It’s the most therapeutic drug known to man.”

Cohen and representatives from Stratos told the crowd about new ways to ingest cannabis, such as vaporizing and innovative edible products, showing them how much easier it is to dose with five- or ten-milligram edibles compared to a joint off the street.

Sara Suter, a quadriplegic who suffers from spinal cord neuropathy, rotator cuff pain and tendonitis, has been living at Balfour for nearly two years. She’d been using only Tylenol for body pain, abstaining from opioids to the point of not being able to pronounce the word. Although she’d tried medical marijuana over five years ago, she says she received virtually no guidance from her recommending physician and was forced to experiment with edibles

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