Your New Favorite Summer Drink: Cranberry Cannabis Cocktail

The original inhabitants of our fair country nurtured certain berries for use as energy foods against the long and frigid winters. One of these tangy and colorful berry is known as the cranberry. They are a quintessential New England staple. Cranberries are found in shallow, brackish water, waist deep at most, floating just below the surface.

These growing mediums are known as cranberry bogs. Cranberries, dear readers, are not only the key ingredient in your Thanksgiving turkey relish, nor are they the sole base of that Cosmopolitan cocktail in your hand; they are powerful medicine! Many recipes for cranberries have unique health benefits.

But we won’t be covering them here.

These are recipes to catch a buzz with. Far from the medicinals of yore that only had healing in mind. Ah, the luck of the draw! and you thought these cocktails were only for

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