This summer’s smash hit is a cannabis frosé | Recipe | The Seattle …

I find rosé wine to be delicious and refreshing, and in the form of a frosé — or frozen rosé — can keep you hydrated better than wine alone. And since the wine here is not only low in alcohol but also watered down with ice and fruits, it’s a safer place to put a dose of cannabis without overdoing it.

Cannabis-infused frosé

Makes five; 6mg THC per glass

1 bottle rosé wine (the drier the better, since you’re adding sweetness)

½ carton of fresh strawberries, leaves removed

Juice of ½ lemon

1 teaspoon cannabis glycerin tincture*

2 cups ice cubes

Fruits for garnish

There are two ways to approach these drinks. You can make them on demand, or two at a time by dividing the ingredients in half for each run of the

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