Snack Weed

Among the salves, tinctures and bits of shatter, crumble and jars of flower, you’ll see snack items that at first glance would not appear out of place on a shelf at Safeway. These are known as medibles — a portmanteau of marijuana and edible — and they take the form of cookies, gummies, taffy and even soda.

“Edibles are convenient and discreet,” says Willamette Valley Alchemy co-owner Brice Sherman. “People can take them and not have to deal with the smell. They’re kind of a good entry point into cannabis for many.” 

Sherman, whose extract company also dabbles in medibles, suspects that edibles appeal to an older demographic because they’re a way around the stigma sometimes associated with smoking or inhaling.

On the food front, Willamette Valley Alchemy offers a line of gummy candies called Retreats. If you’re enrolled in Oregon’s medical marijuana program, then you’re allowed to purchase the 100-milligram packages. Recreational

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