Nevada Legalized Marijuana Last Month: Here Are Some Elevated Las Vegas Experiences

Elevated Yoga, marijuana

Nevada welcomed the legalization of recreational marijuana on July 1, and with it a slew of cannabis-related companies have popped up to elevate the experience. Budding businesses that augment the use of marijuana includes everything from massage and yoga to tours and painting. But with dozens of legal dispensaries operating throughout the city of Las Vegas, you may just want to be in charge of your own little pot of bliss.


Relaxation exalts to a Zen-like level with the addition of hemp to Ilan Massage Studio’s ReLeaf Massage. There is no high here as Ilan’s masseuses use CBD for Life’s body massage lotion infused with non-psychoactive cannabidiol (CBD) from hemp. They weed out the knots for a tranquility that turns into a deep sleep or just brings relief to those suffering from chronic

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