Destination Green: Marijuana Company to Turn California Town Into Tourist Spot

With some variations for personal preferences, adult vacations usually involve: beaches, pina coladas or other alcoholic beverages with cute little umbrellas in them, boating, dancing, midday naps and potato chips and other delicious foods that make all that beach-body planning irrelevant.

Now that marijuana is legal in eight states, adults can add another box to their vacation to-do list—legally smoking weed in a town dedicated to the herbal healer.

American Green Inc., a cannabis company based out of Tempe, Arizona, on Thursday announced it had purchased the tiny town of Nipton, California, and it plans to turn the area into a marijuana-friendly tourist destination.

American Green purchased the town, which covers 120 acres of land, for a cool $5 million. The development isn’t expected to be ready for visitors for the next 18 months, but in

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