I took a pot gummy cooking class. Here’s what I learned.

When your name is Starshine, people expect you to be a pothead.

It’s not an unfair assumption. I was, indeed, raised in a cloud of skunk smoke, and cannabis is the national flower of my people. But I was never into it myself. Many was the Sunday I spent rolling my eyes as my parents and their pals hissed on spliffs and cackled at things that weren’t funny as Pink Floyd warbled through our house. I would open a window, go back to playing Barbie and think, One of these goons had better have a plan to make me dinner.

Even as a teen and adult, weed never lit my fire. The cotton-mouthed high that drags you down a rabbit hole of ungainly pondering with scheduled detours for jagged paranoia, slackjawed lethargy, and wanton Triscuit-hoovering

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