Post Prop 64, Cannabis Cooking Classes Aim to Pivot Pot to the Mainstream

When Sallie B. lectures her weekend class about marijuana, she likes to make her spiel as accessible as possible. The chef starts by explaining the effects of cannabis-infused butter, and then she demonstrates how to cook with it. 

“You want to make sure you’re making it correctly so that you don’t get sick,” Sallie begins the lecture, hoisting up a jar of green-tinted butter for the class to see. “And it’s important that you know your dosage…”

Roughly 25 students soon start cooking in the Cannabis Creatives warehouse in Oakland, tossing generous pats of canna-butter into sizzling saucepans.

Meanwhile, Sallie, the proprietor of edibles company Slim’s Baked Goodies, bounces from table to table to answer a litany of questions. Heavy smoke floats in the air throughout the two-hour course, but most isn’t coming from the cooking stations; there are, at any given time, multiple joints, bongs and

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