This 59-year-old mother of 2 is making millions selling legal marijuana gummies

Nancy Whiteman’s marijuana confectionary company makes millions of dollars a year, but she considers herself an “accidental cannabis entrepreneur.”

That’s how she felt in 2010 when starting Wana Brands (shortened from marijuana), now Colorado’s leading company for cannabis-infused confectionary products.

Back then, her home state had just begun opening the doors to a legalized marijuana market. Whiteman saw a niche ready to be filled.

She thought that edibles could be the next big thing in legal marijuana trends. Her confectionary concoctions include mouthwatering creations like loaded sour fruit gummies, salted caramels, hot cocoa, and bright lozenge “jewels” infused with different levels of THC, the active ingredient in marijuana.

“I really didn’t understand the power of what we were doing or creating,” Whiteman told Business Insider.

By the end of 2017, she expects Wana Brands to bring in more than $12 million in revenue.

Seven years ago, Whiteman, along with her ex-husband and co-founder

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