Cannabis Grower Buys California Town to Build Weed-Friendly Outpost

The recent financial headline is causing a stir: Cannabis grower buys California Town. The weed company American Green’s latest project is to breathe new life into a railroad town from the Gold Rush. Their ultimate goal is to create a tourist destination as well as facilities to cultivate weed and make cannabis products.

Nipton, California

According to sources, the cannabis company American Green has purchased the California town of Nipton for five million dollars. The town of Nipton currently consists of 120 acres of land, a hotel, a school building, a general store, and mineral baths. There are residents, but not very many.

Nipton was founded in 1905, after the creation of the San Pedro, Los Angeles Salt Lake Railroad. It was originally called Nippeno Camp and became a cattle-loading station and a supply center for the nearby

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