July 2017

With adult-use cannabis sales set to kick off in California on Jan. 1, local governments like those in the city of Los Angeles are in a mad rush to get the regulatory kinks worked out. The latest proposal out of LA City Hall, introduced by Council President Herb Wesson, would outlaw “volatile cannabis manufacturing,” which […]

“The expo is for current medical cannabis patients, potential patients, healthcare providers, health educators and support associations,” said pharmacist Joseph Friedman, owner and chief operations officer of PDI Medical. “It’s an opportunity to ask questions and get answers. For example, patients ask if there are alternatives to smoking medical cannabis. There are many other delivery […]

Photo of Anna Bran Leis and Victoria Harris by Darrow MontgomeryLocal chefs, restaurateurs, bartenders, and other hospitality professionals lived through the rapid ballooning of the D.C. bar and restaurant scene, and now they’re poised to apply the lessons learned to another sector growing with explosive speed: cannabis.  Some strive to place products on shelves at […]

iStock On Monday a group of plaintiffs that includes former New York Jets tight end Marvin Washington filed suit against Attorney General Jeff Sessions about marijuana. No, Sessions didn’t smoke anyone’s stash (although he might need to take a couple of hits after Donald Trump fires him in the next few minutes). The suit challenges […]

About Sophia June Web editor Sophia June has been with Willamette Week since 2015. After graduating from the University of Oregon, where she spent too many nights as a radio DJ, she is happy to be working at her hometown alt weekly. … read more at: http://www.wweek.com/uncategorized/2017/07/25/we-made-weed-butter-using-a-new-machine-specifically-designed-for-herbal-infusions/

If the Joy of Cooking is considered the bible to at-home chefs worldwide, Cedella Marley’s Cooking With Herb (Pam Krauss Books) is the holy grail to Tuff Gong fans and cannabis enthusiasts, which, amid the country’s slow but steady spread of legalization, now includes all types of people: entrepreneurs, creatives, all-natural consumers, fitness-goers, hipsters, hippie-dippies […]

Monica Lo is a cannabis cook, content creator, and food photographer. Check out Sous Weed for more of her cannabis recipes and photography.  Satiate your sweet tooth with a healthy treat that’s out of this world: açaí bowls! I adore a good açaí bowl that’s chock-full of delicious, crunchy toppings. Açaí is a superfood that comes from […]

Most cannabis consumers will tell you that weed makes music sound infinitely better. Unfortunately, getting weed into a festival can be a real hassle. Don’t want your stash to get snatched? Then you’re going to have to get creative. Here are the best ways to sneak weed into a festival. 5. Edibles You probably want a […]