Modern consumable cannabis provides expanded flavor, quality – The Spokesman

The sometimes illicit relationship between brownies and pot has weathered decades. But now cannabis has begun expanding its horizons and has added all sorts of other partners.

As laws and social acceptance of marijuana changes, possible culinary pairings now include caramels, cookies, mints, lemonade, tea, coffee – even coconut oil.

Plus, while some amateur canna-chefs still enjoy experimenting with their weed in the kitchen, others prefer to purchase their edibles in precisely-measured dosages from area retailers.

Shilo Morgan, co-owner of Lucky Leaf Co., a downtown Spokane retailer, offers consumers an array of edibles, ranging from Evergreen Herbal “high tea” to caramels to infused coffee. Her personal favorites are Journeyman “Weed Tarts,” chewy candies made by botanicaSeattle.

Edibles account for roughly 10 percent of sales at Lucky Leaf, said Morgan.

At Lucid, another cannabis retailer with locations in Cheney and Newport, purchasers Dennis Turner and Michael Schofield said the edible inventory includes chocolates,

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