Kick These 4 Lemonade Recipes Up a Notch With Cannabis-Infused Products

Backyard barbecues, long days at the beach, and gorgeous summer sunsets can all be elevated by one simple and delicious drink: cannabis-infused lemonade. This summer staple always helps beat the heat, and what better way to chill than with an ice-cold beverage and an afternoon elevated with a little THC? Seriously, this could be you:

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Below, we bring you four classic lemonade recipes, each mixed with an infused product to provide a mind-altering twist. From cannabis sugar packets to delectable tinctures, try them all, pick your favorites, and do this summer thing right.

Each recipe yields six servings of lemonade. Refer to the infused product packaging to calculate the approximate dosage of each serving.*

Classic Cannabis-Infused Lemonade


Cannabis product: Ruby Cannabis Sugar (available

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