July 28, 2017

The sometimes illicit relationship between brownies and pot has weathered decades. But now cannabis has begun expanding its horizons and has added all sorts of other partners. As laws and social acceptance of marijuana changes, possible culinary pairings now include caramels, cookies, mints, lemonade, tea, coffee – even coconut oil. Plus, while some amateur canna-chefs […]

Does Chrissy Teigen smoke weed? She seems like a prime candidate for one who enjoys the good stuff. However, while some celebrities are candid about their cannabis use, Teigen is not. We decided to crack down and do some digging to find the truth. Her wacky sense of humor would lead us to think so, […]

With adult-use cannabis sales set to kick off in California on Jan. 1, local governments like those in the city of Los Angeles are in a mad rush to get the regulatory kinks worked out. The latest proposal out of LA City Hall, introduced by Council President Herb Wesson, would outlaw “volatile cannabis manufacturing,” which […]