Erin Gore is making cannabis a women’s lifestyle product

When Erin Gore first turned to cannabis, it was for the health benefits more than wanting to get stoned. The former collegiate athlete had undergone multiple hip surgeries, and was seeking an alternative from the opiates doctors had prescribed, so she began to explore how medical cannabis could treat her pain.

Fast forward a few years later, the Sonoma, Calif. resident was running a hundred million dollar global business and feeling stressed out. Traveling internationally constantly for work, she was also launching a wine brand, Gore Vineyards, with her husband, Tom Gore.

“I was just really miserable at the end of the day,” Gore remembers. “I started turning back to cannabis to help me sleep, because if I could get a good night’s sleep, I realized I was a lot better person.”

Working in the wine industry, she was also exhausted by alcohol, she says, so she

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