Cedella Marley on Her New Cookbook and the Beauty Secrets She Learned From Her Father

If the Joy of Cooking is considered the bible to at-home chefs worldwide, Cedella Marley’s Cooking With Herb (Pam Krauss Books) is the holy grail to Tuff Gong fans and cannabis enthusiasts, which, amid the country’s slow but steady spread of legalization, now includes all types of people: entrepreneurs, creatives, all-natural consumers, fitness-goers, hipsters, hippie-dippies with hip replacements. . . . Written by Bob’s first daughter, and culled from the family’s dishes of yore—buttered banana fritters, beet burgers with avocado and jerk-fried onions, quinoa with curry cashews and coconut—the book is also peppered with nuggets of wisdom on Jamaican culture and slang (“irie” means “feel good,” “wah gwaan” is “what’s up,” and “a suh mi duh mi ting” means “this is how I do my thing”). It

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