Baked to Perfection: Step Up Your Sushi Game with This Recipe for Yellowtail Cannabis Crudo

Photos courtesy of Randy Placeres

Randy Placeres started making a name for himself as a chef in Aspen, Colorado around 1999. When he opened Aspen Culinary Solutions, a company that produces private and corporate cooking events, in 2004, that amped his career up a notch, eventually leading to offices in Honolulu, New York, Miami, Los Angeles, and Chicago. Placeres has also participated in the food festival circuit as well as orchestrating plenty of private dining events — many of which were cannabis-focused and exclusive.

MERRY JANE got with Placeres to talk about catering the 2007 ESPN Winter X-Games (no weed in that, sadly), the cookbook he’s working on, and how fun THC-infused wedding receptions can get. He also shared his insanely creative recipe or infused sushi — you’ll never look at chopsticks the same way after trying his Yellowtail Cannabis Crudo. Enjoy!

Yellowtail Cannabis

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