What Complications Will Los Angeles Face as It Transitions to Recreational Cannabis Legalization?

This month, Los Angeles’ City Council released draft regulations that will guide the city’s sprawling grey-area cannabis industry into compliance with statewide regulation and adult-use recreational legalization by January 2018. After voters approved the legalization of recreational use last fall, the city of Los Angeles is looking to add cannabis businesses from all ends of the supply chain, from cultivation to distribution, to its already bountiful medical marijuana economy. With California state set to issue legal licenses to cannabis businesses — which had previously operated in a semi-legal loophole under the 1996 Compassionate Care Act — the city of Los Angeles is set to become the country’s largest legal cannabis market. Boasting upwards of a 1,500 active marijuana dispensaries within LA county (935 of those within the city limits alone) and a medical marijuana market estimated at $1 billion by Forbes, Los Angeles’

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