How to Make Kief Cookies

Kief cookies could very well be the most underrated edible in the world. It’s rare for people to talk about them and even more rare to actually make them. But the truth is that kief cookies are some of the simplest, best-tasting, most potent edibles you can make. Here are two methods for making your own kief cookies.

Decarboxylate Your Kief

How to Make Kief Cookies

Regardless of the method you use to make your kief cookies, you have to start by decarboxylating the kief. Decarboxylation is crucial to making good edibles because it’s how you activate the THC.

Raw cannabis does not actually have active THC in it. Instead, it has a chemical called THCA. But when plant matter is heated, the THCA breaks down into active THC, the stuff that gets you high.

When you decarboxylate

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