I Ate Eight Courses of Cannabis-Infused Haute Cuisine and It Only Made Me More Hungry

Marijuana is just another experiment. “Alcohol makes people rowdier,” Michael says, “but weed is completely different.” Imagine the possibilities of analgesic fine-dining. It makes you hungrier, more obsessed with texture. “I don’t just want to be a cannabis chef,” he adds, “but if we do this now, we’ll be a step ahead of everyone.”

This, of course, requires a ton of legwork. Unlike the fixed menus of cannabis infused meals in Los Angeles, Michael worked with Barron to create a spread that is individually micro-dosed to each eater. Each of the thirty guests submits their tolerance before the night, and gets their dosage across their eight courses. “The trick is to frontload,” Barron explains, “because it takes up to an hour and a half to feel the effects.”

This is not my first rodeo with cannabis, but I’ve never consumed

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