Canna-Businesses Announce New “Rapid-Delivery” Edibles that Take Effect in 15-20 Minutes

If you’ve ever gotten way too high because the delayed effects of cannabis edibles lead you to four or five magic brownies instead of the one that you needed, you’re not alone. But now, with new advancements thanks to legalization, several canna-businesses are looking to address that issue by creating “rapid delivery” edibles that take effect in only 15-20 minutes, making the experience closer to that of consuming alcohol.

Colorado edibles company 1906 introduced the first line of these “rapid delivery” edibles last year. According to founder Peter Barsoom, the edibles take effect quickly thanks to a proprietary lipid microencapsulation process that allows THC to “bypass the stomach and get into the small intestine faster.”

The process also reportedly allows more THC to get into the blood than a traditional edible. “People don’t have six hours to set aside for a

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