5 Brilliant Cannabis-Infused Daiquiri Recipes Perfect For Summer

It’s been sizzling hot here in New Jersey… Not at all the weather that we should be having at this time of the year. Sitting at 101 in the shade, I’m so thirsty that the sweat that runs down my back is evaporating into salt- itchy all the way down. It’s uncomfortable and I know it. But have no fear: the cure for the heat and humidity is the classic daiquiri cocktail, and we have 5 brilliant daiquiri recipes.

No, I don’t advocate drinking in the sunshine, but inside- with ceiling fans turning and the a/c set to a frosty 68 degrees, the blast of humidity and heat is just a bit less difficult to take. Rather civilized if you ask me.

One of my favorite cocktails comes double sized. It’s called the Poppa Doble- or papa (Hemingway) Doble (double- 2x) Daiquiri. There is something to be said about this hand held

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