Take a social pause with traditional herbal liqueur | Cannabis recipe

Fernets and amaro are a huge part of my family’s culture. After dinner, shot glasses and espresso cups are filled with dark, potent liquids, lemon twists are expressed, and the nuts and fruits come out before the dessert.

This social pause in between courses is to allow for digestion, conversation and space to eat more tasty treats. The liqueurs served are therefore referred to as digestifs or digestivo.

Amari (the plural of amaro) is a broad term for herbal liqueurs, usually from greater Italy. Other Mediterranean countries have their own versions, like French pastis and absinthe.

Considering the base of this liqueur is an herbal blend that varies by region and tradition, why not incorporate another herb — cannabis — into this mix.

Bella D’herba Amaro

Makes 1 liter of

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