Pairing the Power of Cannabis With Medicinal Plants

Cannabis’s reputation as an herbal medicinal remedy is well established: The list of ailments that cannabis can assist with is extensive and continues to grow as new research emerges. This makes it the perfect base for pairing with other medicinal herbs to target specific wellness goals.

Below, discover three different methods and six suggestions for combining cannabis with complementary medicinal herbs to create unique healing blends. Then, use these as jumping-off points to develop your own homemade herbal remedies—the possibilities are endless!

(Editor’s note: Always consult a physician before leveraging new herbs for their medicinal properties.)

Medicinal Cannabis Tinctures

Burdock roots

Tinctures are liquid extracts of a plant or plants, typically made with alcohol. At times, tinctures can be made with glycerin (in Washington, for instance, recreational cannabis dispensaries are not allowed to sell alcohol-based tinctures), but while these types of tinctures may taste more pleasant, one should

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