Yield Farms: making the jump from sweet to savory – The Spokesman

Yield Farms wants to be known as strictly savory, at least where its edibles are concerned.

The cannabis producer and processor based in Spokane Valley originally offered all sorts of flavors for cannabis consumers along with other extracts and concentrates. But they decided that there were already so many sweets on the market, but few products for those with other cravings.

“We knew if we wanted to stand out from the rest, we had to do something different,” said co-owner Colin Lukey. “So many companies are doing a great job with cookies and candies.”

The experienced management team of Yield Farms includes Lukey, plus husband and wife Wes and Johanna Tuttle. Together they brainstorm product ideas, test out recipes and then explore the viability of bringing those products to market.

Wes Tuttle started in the medical cannabis industry in 2009.

“When initiative 502 came up, Wes and Johanna jumped at the opportunity,” Lukey

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