Chefs compete for title of best weed-infused dish at Cannabis Cup festival in San Bernardino

Imagine watching a live round of a “Top Chef” challenge. Now add a hip-hop and reggae soundtrack. Swap the supermodel host for a shaggy-haired, tattooed man who doesn’t stop smiling. And add weed. Lots of weed.

Welcome to the Top Chef Cannabis Competition, taking place throughout the weekend as part of the High Times SoCal Cannabis Cup at National Orange Show Events Center in San Bernardino.

More than 400 aspiring chefs applied to be part of the contest. Eight chefs were chosen to cook against each other on stage in rounds Friday and Saturday, with the final two set to square off Sunday afternoon.

“You have better odds of getting into Harvard, I think,” joked Garyn Angel with Magical Butter, a company that makes a machine to cook up cannabis-infused butter and is sponsoring this weekend’s cooking competition.

Brandon Allen had never done a cannabis cooking competition before he stepped into the “Edibles Village”

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